Cyclone ‘Komen’ makes landfall crossing Ctg coast

NewsWorld365 - July 30, 2015

Cyclone ‘Komen’ weakened as it made a landfall hitting the Chittagong coast near Swandip around 9pm on Thursday. After the landfall, ‘Komen’ may move west-northeastwards and weaken gradually by giving precipitation, according to the latest special bulletin of the Meteorological Department. The maximum sustained wind speed within 54 km of the cyclone centre is about 60 kph rising to 70 kph in gusts. The sea remains very rough near the cyclone centre, the bulletin added. The maritime ports of Chittagong and Cox’s Bazar have been advised to keep hoisted danger signal No 7. The coastal districts of Cox’s Bazar, Chittagong, […]

Bengal Tigers under threat

NewsWorld365 - July 27, 2015

Poaching of tigers and its preys in the Sundarbans, commercial boat traffic through different channels and development activities within and near the world’s largest mangrove forest is threatening the Bengal tiger population. Now only 106 of the big cats are left in Bangladesh, according to a recent census. In total, only 170 tigers live in Bangladesh and Indian parts of the forests. The report came out just two days ahead of the International Tigers Day, held annually on July 29, to create awareness on tiger conservation. When asked about the census result, eminent tiger expert Professor Dr Monirul H Khan […]

Flood tightens grip on several districts of Bangladesh

NewsWorld365 -

Five more people, including three women and a kid, were killed in a landslide triggered by heavy rains in Cox’s Bazar town early yesterday, barely a month after five died in landslides in the district. Some three lakh people have been marooned by flood water following the rise in water of the Matamuhuri. People took shelter on roads and highways as many houses were damaged in Chakaria, Pekua and Ramu upazilas. In Bandarban, the overall flood situation remained unchanged yesterday. The flash flood has left some 40,000 people without shelter. The road links between the district and other parts of […]

5 killed in Cox’s Bazar landslide

NewsWorld365 -

Bangladesh Army members engage in rescue operation in Cox’s Bazar town where two people died and three remained missing after a landslide on July 27, 2015. Photo: Star Five people including three women and a six-year-old child were killed in a landslide triggered by incessant rain in Cox’s Bazar town today. Bangladesh Army, Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB), fire service and police carried out nearly 13 hours of rescue and dug out the bodies. At least four houses were buried in the landslide at 2:00am near the local radar station. A part of the station’s wall was also brought down by the […]

Oxfam: World must do more to stop Ebola becoming ‘disaster of our time’

NewsWorld365 - October 19, 2014

Countries must step up efforts to tackle the spread of Ebola in west Africa by providing more troops, funding and medical staff to prevent it from becoming the “definitive humanitarian disaster of our generation”, Oxfam has warned. The charity said the world had less than two months to curb the deadly virus, which has killed 4,500 people, but noted a crippling shortfall in military personnel to provide logistical support across the countries worst affected – Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. Its stark warning came as Britain and the US said the international community will be responsible for a substantial loss of life […]

Dhaka tops five cities at extreme climate change risk

NewsWorld365 - September 29, 2014

 Nearly a third of the world’s economic output will come from countries facing “high” to “extreme” risks from the impacts of climate change within 12 years, according to a new report. The Climate Change Vulnerability Index, an annual report produced by UK-based risk analysis firm Maplecroft, found that climate change “may pose a serious obstacle to sustainable economic growth in the world’s most commercially important cities.” The index ranked the vulnerability of the world’s countries, and the 50 cities deemed most economically important, to the impacts of climate change, by evaluating their risk of exposure to extreme climate events, the sensitivity […]

Canada to donate untested Ebola vaccines

NewsWorld365 - August 13, 2014

The first two doses of an experimental serum created to treat Ebola went to American missionaries. Then the drug was sent to treat a Spanish priest. The two Americans, Dr. Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol, appear to be recovering. The priest, Miguel Pajares, died Tuesday morning. That’s the problem with experimental drugs that have never been clinically tested in humans: No one knows whether they’ll work — and if they do, in whom. This week, the World Health Organization gathered a group of ethicists to decide whether unproven medications and vaccines should be used in the current Ebola outbreak. As the death toll […]

Typhoon Rammasun kills 18 in China

NewsWorld365 - July 20, 2014
Typhoon Rammasun

The strongest typhoon to hit southern China in four decades has killed 18 people, according to the government, while in the Philippines the death toll from the storm rose to 94. Typhoon Rammasun killed nine people and left five missing after hitting Hainan island off China’s southern coast on Friday, the civil affairs ministry said in a statement. Nine others died later in the Guangxi region as the storm plowed into the mainland on its way towards Vietnam. The typhoon is the strongest to hit southern China in 41 years, according to theChina Meteorological Administration. Wind speeds reached 130 miles (216km) an hour, […]

Monsoon begins with evening rains

NewsWorld365 - June 16, 2014

High winds followed by rains brought cheer to the people of Dhaka suffering under a sultry 36.7 degrees Celsius yesterday on Poila Ashar, the first day of the rainy season. In keeping with tradition, cultural groups heralded the first day of monsoon with songs and dances on Dhaka University campus. Notwithstanding the celebrations, the blistering heat and humidity had forced most residents to stay indoors during the day. However as if answer to the prayers of people suffering from long power outages during summer, rain storms lashed the city late in the afternoon, bringing down the mercury in the evening. […]

Scientists discover giant sperm fossilized in bat guano

NewsWorld365 - May 18, 2014

In a cave in Australia, researchers from the University of New South Wales discovered giant fossilized sperm. The sperm were produced 17 million years ago by a group of tiny, shelled crustaceans called ostracods, making them the oldest fossilized sperm ever found. The results were published recently in Proceedings of the Royal Society B. The fossils were excavated in 1988, but it wasn’t known they contained sperm until they were studied in detail by an ostracod expert last year. Ostracods, also called mussel shrimp, are common today in aquatic environments around the world and are famous for their big sperm. […]

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