N’ganj 7-murder: Deposition deferred for Tarek Sayed’s absence

NewsWorld365 NewsWorld365 , February 25, 2016
7 murder

Newsworld Desk:

Witness deposition in two cases over the Narayanganj seven murders has been deferred. One of the accused failed to appear before court which is why the court deferred the deposition.

A Narayanganj court on Thursday fixed February 29 to begin the depositions.

The missing accused was former army official Tarek Sayeed Mohammad who was missing due to health issues.

But the other accused arrested in the cases were present in court.

Plaintiff of one of the cases, Bijoy Kumar Paul, went to court, but the other plaintiff Selina Islam Beauty was absent.

35 people, including former city councillor Nur Hossain and three former officials of the Narayanganj-based RAB unit, were indicted for the 2014 murders of seven men, including Beauty’s husband Narayanganj City Councillor Nazrul Islam and senior lawyer Chandan Kumar Sarkar.

Their bodies were found floating in the Shitalakkhya River several days later.

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