Mir Quasem’s appeal verdict 8 March 

NewsWorld365 NewsWorld365 , February 24, 2016

Newsworld desk:

The Supreme Court Appellate Division on Wednesday fixed 8 March the date for handing down verdict on the appeal of Jamaat leader Mir Quasem Ali challenging his death penalty on charges of crimes against humanity in 1971.

The Appellate Division began the hearing on the appeal on 9 February, and concluded it today (Wednesday).

On 28 May and 18 August in 2015, the SC asked the defence and the prosecution to submit the concise statements of the appeal respectively.

On 30 November 2014, Mir Quasem Ali filed the appeal with the SC challenging the death penalty awarded to him by the International Crimes Tribunal-2 for his crimes against humanity during the Liberation War in 1971.

On 2 November in the same year, the tribunal had condemned Jamaat-e-Islami leader Mir Quasem Ali to death for his crimes against humanity during the Liberation War.

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