Tackling pneumonia ‘remains a challenge in Bangladesh’

NewsWorld365 NewsWorld365 , April 9, 2014

Tackling pneumonia among children in Bangladesh is proving to be difficult, an official has admitted.

According to Dr Shams El Arifeen, director of the centre for child and adolescent health at Icddr,b, progress in dealing with a number of widespread health issues in the country has been made in recent years.

However, he stated that driving down pneumonia rates among children “remains a challenge”.

Indeed, Dr El Arifeen said just one in three youngsters who are believed to have the condition receive care from a health worker or facility.

“In 2011, we measured treatment with antibiotics with some surprising results – high use administered by informal healthcare providers,” he commented.

Dr Arifeen stated that the high rates of antibiotic use in Bangladesh might help to explain why the number of deaths linked to pneumonia has come down in recent years.

Nevertheless, he noted that “unregulated distribution of antibiotics carries potential for increasing drug resistance”.

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